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IMC e-commerce solutions:

IMC e-cart
e-commerce solution for web shops

IMC e-mall
e-commerce solution for web malls

The rapidly growing trade over the Internet has produced a wide range of different applications for e-commerce. Some of these are structured and really working, and hence often require large capital and time investments from the client. Others are both poor, deficient and expensive.

These are some of the criteria that were set up for all systems in the IMC e-business Series:
  • Low startup and maintenance costs
  • A high performance/price ratio
  • Dynamic structure for flexibility and to facilitate growth and modifications
  • Ease of use for the administrator of the system
  • Simplicity for the visitor/customer
  • Easy to navigate
  • Information dense, yet fast systems
  • Import possibilities from existing databases (customers, articles ...)
  • Security
  • Advanced search options for visitors/customers as well as for the administrator
  • Editable for unique graphic look
  • Fast implementation
  • Fast and easy updating
  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows 95 or Windows NT.

FileMaker Pro is the underlying database in our systems. FileMaker is one of world's most sold database programs with unique and powerful functions for publishing databases on the Internet. Due to the fact that the system is based on a well established and powerful database solution and a standard software, FileMaker Pro, you get a flexible, adaptable, less time consuming and, not least, inexpensive environment. The benefits for our customers are obvious.

IMC e-cart is the solution for all companies that want to set up a powerful web shop fast.

IMC e-mall is the solution for electronic malls (multiple web shops under one roof ).

e-commerce solutions; turn-key or tailor made for all forms of web store systems, web projects & design, hosting, localization,
web publishing, instant domain name registration on-line,web site promotion, 30 000 programs, literature...
All you need for e-commerce and a professional site.

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