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IMC Web Service offers you an economic yet powerful way to promote your site on more than 450 of Internet's leading Search Engines and directories.

The most effective way to get visitors to your website is to establish links to it on as many important search engines as possible. By creating links that increase the number of visitors to your site, more and more people will learn about your company and you will be able to increase your sales and turnover. Web Services creates more than 450 important links to promote your site and you will immediately be established on the Internet.

Are you tired of getting bad results from other promotion services that claim they will make this happen with an automated system? Have you ever wondered how they can make it for only 50 US$ or less? The reason is that they very often send you a simple, standard e-mail with instructions of varying quality.

IMC´s system for Web Promotion uses several different techniques to ensure that your site will be submitted in an optimal way. We submit your site in different ways, depending on which search engine the report is sent to. The registrations are tailor-made to meet the best search engines' changing demands and to achieve a place as far up in the lists as possible for your site. Based on the content of your site the most suitable search engines and directories will be picked out by us.

Contact us before you submit or renew your submittal to a search engine.

We can not, nor can our competitors, guarantee that your site will be accepted by a certain search engine or directory since these are controlled by their respective owner. But we guarantee that we will contact more than 450 important search engines/directories with the necessary information concerning your site, reported in a correct way for their approval.

You will, after our commission is finished, receive a list containing the search engines/directories your site has been submitted to.

By ordering our promotion service today, you can immediately increase the number of visitors. All you have to do is to fill in a simple form. When we have received the form and the payment , we will visit your site and decide the best category for it . We will then submit your site individually to all 450 search engines/directories.

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