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Localization means saying yes to customers otherwise lost.

The multiplicity of languages is one of the basic challenges to global communication. English is the predominant language used on the Internet. But the situation is changing fast since the Internet knows no boundaries. As more and more people from non-English speaking countries connect to the Internet for the first time every second, it becomes apparent, and imperative, to address these people's need for your site's information content in their own language. Here's where localization comes into the picture.

By localizing your site into other major languages (or specific ones of particular interest to your company) you will gain the following key benefits:

A Widely Broadened Customer Base
Better Service for Your Customers
A Market Position Advantage
Enhanced Public Relations and Goodwill.
More Hits from Searchengines

There is an underserved audience out there. To address it properly could be crucial to your company's market position. IMC Web Services can localize your site into any language - from any language including specific dialects like e.g. Canadian French. How?

We have set up an extensive global network for these services. It consists of experienced professional technical writers only. As opposed to most ordinary translators, technical authors speak both languages fluently. This means they appreciate the nuances of the languages and are able to rephrase the translations into a commonly accepted wording. Cultural or multicultural differences as well as other aspects can be treated in the right manner.

IMC Web Services' localization services for the high technology industry can of course also be used for any form of traditional localization:
Product Info
Company Information
and so on.

Customers include:
Netscape, Ricoh, Mazda, Mita, Akai, Nokia, RealPlayer, Compaq, 3Com, ABB, TetraPak, Tonic Corp, Agfa...

    These figures speak for themselves
    (Figures in millions)
    Mother-tongue speakers
    Chinese (1,000)
    English (350)
    Spanish (250)
    Portuguese (135)
    Japanese (120)
    German (100)
    French (70)
    Italian (60)
    and some 14 percent of U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home!

    So for instance, if your site is in English only, you would double the potential market by adding Spanish and German versions.

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