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GoClick converts ANY document into a Web page - with 1 click!

Tens of thousands of school, university, government, business, and personal web sites already use Myrmidon, GoClick's younger predecessor. GoClick is the latest product from Terry Morse Software. It raises the bar, once again, by producing Universal Web Pages that look the same across browsers and computers while still maintaining one-click simplicity. Convert your document to HTML from any Mac application. See examples here. Web Publishing has never been easier!

"GoClick sports universal application support. This means that with GoClick installed, any application with a print command can be used to publish web pages. Also included is cross-browser support so web pages created with GoClick are compatible with Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer and various other browsers. The new tool also supports sophisticated features of the latest HTML standards, including HTML 4 and Cascading Style Sheets. This permits very sophisticated page layout (pixel placement of objects, overlapping layers, improved text appearance, etc.) while producing smaller files. " ( July '99)

It has never been easier to produce a web page.

The GoClick 3.0.1 Demo is available for free downloading but a serial number is required to make it fully functional.
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View the GoClick Shootout with Microsoft, Adobe and Quark!

TEST GoClick 3.0.1. Free Demo here.

The shortest manual ever!?
Full Online User Guide GoClick FAQs

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Goclick Product Information
Current Version 3.0.1
Hardware Requirements PowerMac or 68020+ Mac
System Requirements System 7.5+, QuickTime
Price (single user)
Retail Price $159
Academic Price* $79
Special Price for Adobe
GoLive license holders*
Myrmidon Upgrade Price
* written confirmation required.


I want to order single user copy:

GoClick 3.0.1

Upgrade to GoClick from Myrmidon (requires Myrmidon 2.1 upon installation)

GoClick 3.0.1 Academic (requires proof of academic status)

I have a registered copy of Adobe GoLive and am eligeble for the GoClick special price. (Written confirmation needed).

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